Estilad® Contour is a purified, viscous, and transparent gel, enriched with a gentle Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid as its primary component. Tailored for enhancing body volume without the need for surgery, Estilad® Contour offers a natural and refined solution for sculpting beauty throughout various areas of the body.

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Unleash the transformative power of Estilad® Contour, a specialized filler designed to enhance the volume and refine the appearance of diverse body areas. Tailored for deep tissue implantation, Contour distinguishes itself through a unique gel structure, providing a versatile solution for personalized body contouring.

Flexibility in injection: Contour offers flexibility in injection depth, ranging from subcutaneous to supraperiostal administration, adapting to the specific needs of each treatment. Generally, deep subcutaneous administration is recommended, emphasizing the importance of sufficient tissue cover and support for optimal esthetic outcomes.


Optimal Skin Thickness for Lasting Results:

Achieving excellence requires a minimum skin thickness of 1 cm, encompassing subcutaneous fat. This criterion ensures not only excellent results but also a lasting effect, embodying the commitment to natural-looking and enduring outcomes.


Safety Assurance:

Estilad® Contour prioritizes safety, with a low risk profile that minimizes the potential for infection, extrusion, migration, or granulomatous formation, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process.

Consistent Effectiveness:

The unique gel structure consistently delivers natural filling and augmentation of body contours, ensuring reproducible results that stand the test of time.

Cost-Efficient Beauty:

With minimal downtime and expenses inversely proportional to the treatment duration, Estilad® Contour offers a cost-effective solution for those seeking aesthetic enhancements.

Patient-Centric Approach:

Tailored to individual needs and demands, Estilad® Contour ensures a treatment experience marked by minimum discomfort, swift recovery, and a high level of comfort and satisfaction based on visible and enduring results.

  • Formulation:

    Resorbable monophasic implant

    HA Concentration:

    Free Hyaluronic Acid 20 mg/ml

    HA Origin:

    Biofermentation, non-animal origin

    Composition per ml:

    Sodium Hyaluronate 20 mg/ml

    Sodium chloride 9 mg

    Water for injection

    Particle Size Range:

    500 — 1350 µm

    BDDE (ppm):

    Not more than 2 µg/g

    Endotoxins (Eu/mg):

    Less than 0.25 EU/mg



Estilad® Contour offers a customizable injection depth, ranging from subcutaneous to supraperiostal administration, ensuring a personalized approach aligned with specific treatments. To achieve excellent and enduring results, a minimum skin thickness of 1 cm, inclusive of subcutaneous fat, is typically recommended. This commitment to precision and depth underscores the pursuit of optimal and long-lasting aesthetic effects with Estilad® Contour.

Implantation Life:

6-12 months, depending on the depth and location of injection.


1 graduated sterile pre-filled syringes of 10 ml 1 x 10 ml



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