Carnitine is a sterile treatment solution ideal for reducing localized adiposity and cellulite affected skin.

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Estilad® Carnitine contains L-Carnitine. During lipolysis, triglycerides break down into two parts: glycerol and fatty acids. The fatty acids have a limited capacity to penetrate the mitochondria and there is a need for a biological carrier.

L-Carnitine considered as fat metabolizer, works in carrying fatty acid across the mitochondrial membrane for oxidation, therefore reducing cytoplasmic bioavailability of activated fatty acids. L-Carnitine mechanism of action improves the efficacy of other products with lipolytic effects to increase cAMP levels.

Product Features :

  • Carnitine Meso solution, 10 ampoules x 5 mL. 50 mL e 1,69 fl Oz.
  • Indicated for cellulite affected skin and adiposity reduction.
  • Sterile professional solution, WFI and Osmolarity Balanced.

Directions :

Apply on clean and dry skin. Massage until completely absorbed. Can be applied via virtual meso, skin needling or other transdermal techniques.


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